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YouTube is the second largest social network and search engine in the internet industry. This a free platform where you can create any type of video channel. Here most of the people focus on emotion and humor. I hope you try to focus on other various types of video; however, you should go for those which you are passionate about. I assume even YouTube yet to figure out about Video types people will upload and be interested. Thus this could a big opportunity for you to launch/promote a new type; if you can introduce a new trend you will receive a serious earning. So do some brainstorming for that end and good luck!

Why You Need YouTube

Even though you know, I want to remind you of the same thing again, to understand the relevance of today's topic.
  • Currently, the most popular marketing method to increase brand personality
  • Second largest social networking and search engine site.
  • Lifetime earning opportunity via quality Videos; If you make a quality video then YouTube will never delete it.
  • No requirement for buying a domain, hosting, design or anything; no renew issues. It's totally free.
  • You can advertise anything through youtube video promotion services as well as earn from the very Videos.
  • A platform to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website/blog.
  • Through YouTube, you can invite subscribers and followers on your other social pages. Likes, comments and subscriptions will make visitors come back again in leaps and bounds.

Organize Your YouTube Channel

It's quite easy. Just check out the following video tutorial

How To Increase Your YouTube Video Traffic

At this stage, I am sure you already know why you need to increase visitors. It's a simple equation.

More Visitor = More Money

Here is how to increase visitors:
There are various ways to achieve this. The focus should be on the quality, service, utility etcetera that attract visitors. key features that will impact the quality are listed hereunder.

[1] Concern About Brand Personality  [2] Increase Traffic Manually

Concern About Brand Personality

  1. Always keep patience and try making good videos
  2. Clearly specify the genre and type of your channel. Use a small description to allow visitors to get an idea about your videos.
  3. As nowadays devices are high ends, try making the videos in good resolutions. You may offer a quality from Full HD (1080P) down to 240P
  4. Try using high-end equipment’s i.e. good camera, fine microphone, advanced editing tools etcetera to create the videos. If you require a really super quality video you may also consider hiring a professional.
  5. Creating a high-resolution Video may not fulfill your requirement. You may require it to look better. In such cases, you can use the various video editing software’s as well as engage an editor to add professional touch and finishing.
  6. However, editing may not always enhance the Video. Try to avoid useless or disturbing editing’s.
  7. Keep your video clean and clear. Try to avoid contentious and sensitive matters.
  8. Try to make the video meaningful and informative so that it can retain the attraction of viewers.
  9. YouTube allows the uploaders to choose a thumbnail from any screenshot of their Video. So choose it thoughtfully. Do not misguide through the thumbnail.
  10. If you embed your logo or Website URL in the Video this will ensure your ownership, promote your branding and enhance brand value.
  11. Understanding current trends and people's expectation will greatly help you to decide about your Video types, target audience, and ultimate goal.
  12. Video types which can be forwarded and shared by all class of people are more cherished than others.
  13. You can suggest to visit description links or provide any other instructions directing the viewers to do certain things through the Video. This is termed as ‘Call to Action’.
  14. Never try to deceive the viewers; do not use false information. So if you are posting an information which may have some impact on society or life, make sure to verify it yourself.
  15. Watch others and learn.

Increase Traffic Manually

As already mentioned YouTube is the second biggest search engine, therefore people will find you automatically. But to make yourself easily findable you have to put or integrate certain relevant ‘keywords’ into the title and description. It will help you to be found in search engine results. These are in fact very basic techniques to attract visitors to your channel. Apart from those you may also try other ways such as-
  1. Share and submit your videos to popular social media and bookmarking sites like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Digg, etc. You can also share your videos on fan pages, and ask users to subscribe or comment on and like your videos. Here is another technique that you can post all social media site at once by using IIFT website. You do not have to post or share on every single social media site. To learn more about this please follow the link.
  2. Alongside with posting a link on your website or blog try to post the link of your YouTube videos on as many websites/blog as possible which may also include various group or communities.
  3. In addition to your logo and website, try include a way for people to contact you.
  4. Make sure to respond and thank people who post positive feedbacks and comments. Remove negative or rude comments as early as possible; otherwise, some visitors may feel offended and go away from your channel. For enhanced security, you can enable the option for reviewing every comment before appearing to the public.
  5. You are welcome to advertise through paid ads methods on popular networks like YouTube, Facebook etc. which is a very effective way of marketing and attract traffic. It will cost you some amount but you should choose it if your project is worthy and needs speedy marketing.
  6. Use analytic tools like YouTube’s Insight to track and monitor your sources and hits. Those will always keep you updated about your progress.

How To Create Video

To create your video you just need a few tools, resources and editing skills. You will find those upon search and I will also provide you tools, resources name through my blog posts. I will also provide a detailed tutorial on video editing skill. Nevertheless, you have to develop your skills through practice. It may require a month or two at most to become quite skillful as the same happened in my case.

Here is My Guide Link: Quick And Best Way To Learn Video Editing

In Conclusion

Creating a YouTube channel needs a lot of dedication, labor and time. If possible try to start with your friend in a group environment and utilize the skills and expertise of your friends and close ones. Suppose one of your friends has a DSLR camera and likes to take photos; invite him to your groups. On many occasions, it may create an opportunity to collaborate and venture jointly which will be beneficial for both. On the other hand, if you want to start and continue alone you will have to give more efforts but in such case, you will have complete decision and control over all the materials. So make your mind how you want to start. I wish you success.

Do you have any more tips on how to increase YouTube views? Let us know in the comments below!
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