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Well, if you ask me, why do I blog on Blogger? I'll mention the answer here at some stage. In the beginning, I will say that I use both Wordpress and Blogger, where Wordpress is easy to compare, but I like making the blogger blog more. Because, based on the topics of my interest, I want to present a few different blogs in different ways without spending any money, as there are different books based on different topics. And both Wordpress and Blogger are equal in the structural aspects of creating a blog. Rather I would say, Blogger has a little less function or option than WordPress, which helps me to succeed in fulfilling the purpose of blog completion by saving my work time.

Some Notes Before Giving Details: Here I'm just talking about creating a blog. Although, WordPress is very good and very easy to create any other major website. For example, I'm managing eCommerce niche website with WordPress but not for creating a Blog.

For Such Reasons, I blog on Blogger Platform

  1. Without buying a hosting or domain, I could create a blog to succeed in a Google search competition.
  2. Together, any large number of visitors will show up on my blog site quickly, there is no tension to slow or just something like; Suitable for ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly.
  3. I can customize my design and complete structure with my little thinking and little effort. 
  4. The entire design or complete structure depends on a very light XML file, which is easy to understand as a one-page paper is easy to read.
  5. Blogger is managed by a very simple interface, which makes it much easier to understand than Facebook's settings.
  6. I can work on blogger's different blogs by logging in to a Gmail account without having to log in again and again.
  7. Besides, backing up, exporting to WordPress or importing is a matter of a few seconds. 
  8. Through Cloudflare, I can connect SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ie https: // to my blog, because of which it is possible to easily gain the confidence of my visitors during the sale of a product. 
  9. Inside the blogger, Google Adsense is included and you will be collecting income from Google Adsense, Automatic through your own Credit Card.

What To Say A Few Words

One of the biggest reasons for choosing Blogger, I don't have to take any headache every year for fast expensive hosting and I love to design Blogger as an artist. Another reason is that Blogger the best way to earn money without spending money and which is hassle-free for Lifetime.

3 Myths are Known About the Blogger Platform

Blogger was first launched in August 1999 and later Google was the owner of Blogger in October 2004. Meanwhile, WordPress launched in 2003 and since then Blogger and WordPress have become popular together. Because of this, based on Blogger and WordPress usage and structure, different myths are found among the users.

1 // Design of Blogger Blogs is Not Customizable: FALSE

Creating a blog at WordPress or Blogger requires some time to master the whole subject first. If you can master only once, there is no such thing as customizing the design or complete structure. For example, I did the entire design of this blog. (I do not know how you like the design). However, to help me do this, I also got help from other blogs. So I would say, "Blogger" than "WordPress" This will be easier than you to design or customize the entire structure according to your own desires.
There is more to say about customizing design, you can choose your favorite theme from many free themes on the internet. Where you can begin writing the blog within 5 minutes without the hassle of setting the design.

2 // Not Possible to Manage more Traffic Than WordPress Sites: FALSE

Blogger Blogspot is one of the most popular services of Google and one of the largest communities on the Internet, whose name you are already familiar with. So Google considers blogger Blogspot blogs with great importance on traffic, which is not like self-hosted blogs on the WordPress platform. There are no SEO optimization plugins like WordPress on blogger blogs but there are easily customizable ways that you can understand only once and it is very easy to understand, so many people are misunderstood.

3 // You can’t earn Money From Blogger Blogspot Blogs: FALSE

One such thing is heard, "Content is King, Traffic is your Queen". If you get some extra advantage about traffic collection here, then writing good content will definitely make a good income. Because of not having good content, many of these myths often say, which are never trustworthy. Special arrangements for blogger users are also noticed in all the sites that are possible to make money. Although the source of income via Google Adsense is much more interesting in Blogspot blogs.
A few reasons why many people don't like the Blogger platform
  • There are many different features of blog creation only. Like WordPress Plugins, many other features cannot be connected even if you want. Such as: login / signup option.
  • The permalink in Address Bar contains the month and year of your post, which can not be changed. Although this is important for Google search rankings.
  • Many are not interested in designing and playing with CSS/HTML5 code. That's why I have this small effort in this blog.

Lastly, I Want To Say

It can be a great platform for creating blogs (maybe even better than WordPress) that you can understand if you give some time. Blogger is a huge community and many bloggers are very passionate about blogging on blogger platforms like me. If you think of yourself as an artist, I'm sure you must love the Blogger platform. One of the reasons is that if you don't publish something wrong, your writing and design may be online as long as there is the internet. It is a great freedom that is needed for every artist. But see, Google does not demand any money from you, rather it gives you the opportunity to earn money legitimately. If so,
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