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In this post, I will discuss how to use your personal computer and how you can combine your work with your tools. In other words, I will mention how to use your desktop or laptop to use the Internet.

I noticed that many people did not use the Internet correctly, after a few days they lost interest in work. There are many reasons for this, but instead of discussing the reasons here, we will be careful to take some steps to solve.

Ensure Your Windows or Mac PC Security

From the beginning, you must use the registered Windows 7, 8 10 or Mac PC. There is no alternative to this.

Why do you use registered Windows or Mac PC?

-  Firstly, if you do not use registered Windows or Mac PC, your PC is not safe in any way with your privacy. When you go to the trap of hacker, you can not understand yourself.
- Secondly, there are many issues with unregistered Windows PC so you have to do a Windows Setup again and again. This means that more time wasted due to repeatedly maintaining your PC with the new program install.

So I would rather talk about the details of this, but definitely, use the registered Windows or Mac PC.

The Best AntiVirus Protection of 2018

Instruction: Obviously fear any "VIRUS" and keep up the defense. Every Hacker is lazy people, so keep an eye out and do not use Crack or Patch software.
McAfee, Symantec Norton, Webroot SecureAnywhere, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avast Pro

Secure Your Wifi Password

Yes, change the main login password of your WiFi Password and use all your password including your WiFe password, a bit harder and will change according to the website.
Of course, always keep notes.

Professional Email

Now, if you want to work professionally, you must use professional mail.
Buy it from  Godaddy / NameCheap or manage it somehow.
Here's my ([email protected])

Some of the free email providers I found on the Internet; like Gmail
YahooOutlook, iCloud MailAOL MailZoho MailGMX EmailYandex MailMail.comProton Mail

I mean, learn how to use a lot of emails together: Use the Export / Import option to add all free email providers together with 1 email.
Finally, an email account for all Google and Other websites, Gmail, is always good.

Free Email Signature Generator

Then, create an interesting email signature for your email, and get started using email.

These sites below will make you an awesome free email signature.

Why not, 
make a little effort to create.

Own Signature Create Tools: Signature-Maker
Chrome Extention: Email Signature Generator

Better Communication Method

WhatsApp - I used to use it a lot. Now I always use WhatsApp on a new browser tab.
Skype - One of the oldest and most popular online communication medium. So, you will definitely need a Skype ID to contact.
Messenger - In a word, it is my dislike, but I used to be forced.
TeamViewer - This is a great software that allows you to work on any PC in the group by sharing your screen.
Asana - It is the only free media, which has already gained a lot of popularity in working with different tasks on any office or team.

Free Group Video Chat Software
Zoom, SkypeGoogle HangoutsAnyMeetingGoToMeeting

Best Graphics Tools

I think about creating graphics in 2 different ways

1) Use online web-based light tools only.
2) Mix heavy and light tools, and take time.

I start the beginnings in a first way, and it really saves a lot of time.

Read a similar post: 100+ Quick and Free Online Graphic Design Tools

But before you start communication, you may need to take your ScreenShot Image for a while to take pictures. Here, you can also use [Print Screen Sys Rq] option using PaintIT or elsewhere [Paste]. Or you can use these tools below.

Browser Extention: Awesome ScreenshotFull Page Screen Capture
Windows Software: Snipping Tool++Jing (Windows/Mac, Free)

Video Editing Tools

To make videos, if you want to be YouTuber.
1) Some Gadgets will be required, such as DSLR Camera + Setup.
2) Being a Premium Member of some good video making software and web-based online websites. Appropriate.

Then bring the plane to the head and take it out to understand the need.

Great Sites to Learn English Online

BritishCouncil, Ego4uTheFreeDictionaryLearn-English-OnlineTalkenglish

Some other software you may like; DU-Meter

Essential Chrome Extensions

Free Tools to Help you  and Organize The internet

Evernote - Although I used Evernote several times, I stopped many times, yet it is a useful tool for now. It is used to organize and memorize online activities, notes, and concepts.
MindMeister – An amazing tool, which will help you to brainstorm and understand your most important work.
Kippt – a brand new approach to keeping your bookmarks. You simply share them as public streams and engage in an amazing feed of content in return.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Browsing

Also, it will be necessary to install some other helpful Chrome Bowser Add-ons, like;
Use all features of Google Drive and Dropbox with extensions.
 Grammarly – English skill building
 Ginger - Grammar and Spell Checker
 Google Cast, - to connect iPad to your TV

after then: LastPassAdBlockRedditPinterestEvernote Web ClipperAwesome Screenshot

The above-mentioned subject matter is essential for any Internet user. Even though all things are known, but you need patience, interest and time to perform. I hope the post will benefit many.

Are you the kind of entrepreneur who takes action?

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