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Today's article will help to save valuable time for bloggers, writers, journalists and students. Currently, technology is getting very advanced and online information store is growing bigger every day and all such information is always shared among the people all over the world. We know that the purpose of all our work is to do one, that is, everyone is thinking of changing the pace of life quickly. My today's post is very similar where I will write an article about the change in the speed of your article writing. In other words, we will discuss such a tool for converting speech to text online. At the same time, I will also present text to speech tools.
Let's Try to Figure Out This Kind of Thing:
  1. First, you'll know how to record your speech from a desktop computer.
  2. Or, you will record your speech through a smartphone.
  3. Next, we will use the Speech To Text Converter tool.
  4. Or, talk directly to the Speech To Text Converter smartphone app.
  5. Finally, we will know about the conversion medium in Text to Speech.

Record Your Speech From A Desktop PC

To know how to record your speech from a desktop computer without using any recording software, first check with your external microphone for a record from your Windows.

For this, you will see microphone setting here: Windows/Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Sounds > Sounds > Microphone

Click on the right button of the recording option and click on "Set Default" and set the proper volume for your microphone.

To record directly:
From the Start button, type "Start Recorder" in the Search Box and press Enter, the Recorder option will be turned on. This way you will record and save the record file. See more details here.

You can also use WavePad Audio Editing Software for free to record your Speech from the desktop computer. At the same time, this software will be easy for you to edit your speech, which can be used by anyone.

This software can be used in all mediums. Such as: for Windows or Mac, or Android.
Other free software: Zynewave Podium Free, Audacity

Record Your Speech on a Smartphone

After coming to smartphone technology, you can see that many audio recorders are not used. Rather, it has become so easy that it is possible to maintain a very large record by using a small battery charger. So why not make your habit of keeping records of folders just by having your speech come to mind or any other special interview/lectures.

Below I mention smartphone apps to record such speech, some of which you might use ...

To record from iPhone: Call Recording by NoNotes, dictate2us
To record from Android: Voice Recorder, Voice Recorder, Smart Recorder
To record the conversation: Automatic Call Recorder (Remember: Use of such recorders in many countries is legally prohibited)

To record Skype's conversation: Call Recorder for Skype

Turn Audio into Text Free with VoiceBase

You may need a tool like this whether you are journalists, students or anyone. So, if you ever need to transfer an audio recording to a text format, then you can use a simple converter of Chrome browser.

It can be called an Extension or Web App of your Chrome Browser, which requires the functionality of HTML5. You will find this Extension as "transcribe". You can do this directly through this website.

In short, sentence, how the tool works:
After you add Extension, you will get the option to upload mp3 or WAV file.

And Hot Key controls will be like this:
F1: Slow Down
F2: Speed Up
F3: Rewind 2 Seconds
F4: Fast-Forward 2 Seconds
Esc: Pause / Resume

You can do the same way on your SmartPhone. In this case, you need to record before using the iPhone and Android apps.

Text To Speech Online

Okay, let's go back again, we will listen in the opposite way ie Text To Speech. You need a lot of this tool for a few reasons. Such as ...
  1. You can hear your speech entirely and understand how much better it sounds.
  2. In addition to correcting the writing, you can understand how the word sounds (if English is not your 1st language).
  3. You can also listen to both men and women voices by using these tools.
  4. You can listen to your lectures on different English accent.
How do you benefit more, you think ...

You can use these tools in 2 ways: 
Directly from online: ReadSpeaker, ImTranslator, ttsreader, Natural Reader
By installing software: Windows SpeechSDK, balabolka, WordTalk, Panopretor Basic,
Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader,

But by using the software, you can be more useful and will be much more natural to hear. Here, the above tools are all free. However, if you want to use premium, you can. In this case, I will say, there will be no need.

In Conclusion

Hope this article, written on Converting Speech To Text and Text to Speech Online, has benefited you with a lot of information. If so, you can also look at other posts that will help you more, maybe...
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