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20 March 2018

Fast Free Online Logo Maker and Download

Creating any logo is no longer difficult, but it can be difficult for you to finalize your mind. For this, I think that you should design your own logo at the beginning of any business plan or long before. That is, if the matter is in student life, then it is even better. Because of the reason, you may get much time to become an entrepreneur or to have a lot of strategic planning in your career. So let's do our free logo design to get our website or brand debut.

Here's a lot, let's try to give you a complete idea of your design own logo. Hopefully, this little information below will help you to understand your Perfect Logo.  So the topics that are in this article are:

Things To Consider For A Logo Design

[ 1 ] Your design logo should reflect your company in a unique and honest way. You can take inspiration but never copy anyone's logo. That is, dare to be different.

[ 2 ] Avoid too much detail and make sure it is easy to keep memorable.

[ 3 ] If your logo is black and white, it is good for many reasons, such as in print. But if there is one color print, it is also good. For more color usage, it is better to use color according to the color palette.

[ 4 ] Make sure your logo is scalable. That means if your logo is too small or even seen from a distance so that it can be understood that it is your logo. So stay flexible during the company logo process

[ 5 ] Your logo should be artificially similar. This is a lot like this, all your designs including logo sign, line, clip art, text typography, must be included in the center of the charcoal logo space.

[ 6 ] Understanding the business and recognizing the goal. That is to say, design your logo for the purpose of different audiences, even if you have business with your target audience.

[ 7 ] Lastly, definitely make sure to have a story with your logo design. For this reason, look at your competitor's logo from Google. As I mentioned earlier, search for as much time as possible for it.

Common Mistakes in Logo Design

If you have 7 points mentioned above, you can make a perfect logo, or you can hire someone else to make a logo. There are still some things to mention that you may not be able to get a perfect logo. Such as:

  • Design by an Amateur
  • The primary task is not to pre-plan.
  • Do not research your worldwide competitor's logo.
  • To create a cool logo, use Shade to write or sign.
  • Do not use custom typography.
In my mind these issues are notable. If I do not mention any other points, please write to the comment box below and let others know.

Logo Design Requirements Questionnaire

To create a logo with others or if you create your own logo, you may face the mentioned questions below.

  1. Do you like any logo available on the Internet?
  2. The names of your main competing companies?
  3. What are your targeted customer and their main age ranges?
  4. Does your brand have a specific color (color palette) or do you like any color?
  5. Does your designer have any font choices considering?
  6. What is your company's slogan, TagLine, or Motto? and what does it need to include in the logo?
  7. Which brand gives you more inspiration?

Hopefully, if you have the answers to these questions, you can do the job of making your primary logo or plan.

About Logo Design Software

If you hire someone else to manually design the logo, or do it yourself, then you need the right tools for a logo design job.

For this, you will use a vector-based drawing package so that the logo can be either small or large in size without loss of quality. Adobe Illustrator today's popular software for designing such logos. For this purpose, the software has to be able to support the PANTONE and CMYK colors.

Standard Logo Dimensions

According to the data from Google search, the upload size of the standard logo was 100 x 60 pixels and the square logo was 50 x 50 pixels. The maximum file size was 2 MB. Currently, the maximum upload size is 400 x 400 pixels and the minimum size is 300 x 300 pixels. Maximum file size is 4 MB.

You can also find another article on my blog to know the useful sizes of your logo on different social media sites.

Recommended Article: Quick and Free Online Graphic Design Tools

Best Free Online Logo Generator

Now let's explain your free design logo. I believe you can create a unique logo for your favorite brand name in just a few seconds. To get your confidence, such professional websites offer free logos. Which is very creative and is quite attractive. Try once and find out your free logo design templates!

The 9 sites mentioned below, I arranged the best sites according to the order.

//1.  LogoTypeMaker: Logo Maker - Create Logo Online Free 
//2.  LogoGarden:- The Custom Logo Designer
//3.  Logaster - Create Your Logo | Fast and Simple‎
//5.  Zillion Logo Designs | 100,000 Designers | Start a Contest 
//6.  LogoMakr - Create your own logo in minutes!
//7.  Online Logo Maker: Make your Free Logo in 5 minutes
//8.  Design Mantic - Professional Logo Maker Tools 
//9.  Logo Genie Pro - Instantly create your own professional logos

Something like this is better: FreeLogoDesignDesignEvo

you can also find your desired logo by using these Android apps below.
(Android Apps

In Conclusion

You can take your free logo from this source above to start your initial work or get the logo you need at the beginning of the creation of the website. However, these logos will give you a bitmap file format, which will cause problems presenting your logo in big or small size while printing. However, you can download the Illustrator file if you want to spend a little bit.

Even if you use this free Logo Design For Websites or Brand, you can complete almost all of your work. Which will save a lot of your time in the initial stages!
Fast Free Online Logo Maker and Download
4/ 5 stars - "Fast Free Online Logo Maker and Download" Creating any logo is no longer difficult, but it can be difficult for you to finalize your mind. For this, I think that you should des...


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