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23 February 2018

Finding Best Non Copyrighted Images Resources

For commercial purposes, here I am going to introduce another more important research in this article, where I will present Public Domain Images and Free Stock Photos Resources. That means the images you can use for commercial purposes. You can use such an image to create a blog post, or make a YouTube video, or use a picture background. You may also know that copyright is a legal right, because of this, you can not use any image online. That's why you will need public domain images and free stock photos resources.

So you can use these images only if you want, and in this case, there is no need to mention any attribution. Like other posts, in this post, I also mention many such names on one page on one page. I have almost always used such public domain images and free stock photos resources for various purposes. So I try to always keep this post updated. Hopefully, this post will benefit you a lot.

But before finding the public domain images and free stock photos resources, you must also know about the copyright issue and whether your copyright image has been stolen or not. Let's know.

Copyright and Fair Use Issue

That's copyright, in a nutshell, and this is a lot more complex than it is. You may know that each creation is copyrighted by default. So if you have to use you must take permission from the original owner. Even if you can not identify the copyright owner, then it is better not to use that material. Find out more from the following video from YouTube on this topic.


Finding The Image Copyright Owner

If you search on Google for information about any material, you will get information easily from the Google data store. Similarly, the image search is the same. Below are the two ways of doing this. ...

// 1. Google Images - Open this link and click the camera icon and upload your image. Then you can see the link of the website linked to your image by entering the search result.

// 2. TinEye - Similarly, by uploading your image on this website, you will find the copyright owner's website and detailed information. You can get an addon for this tool for various browsers.

How to benefit from using these two tools:
  1. If you don't see any result for the image you uploaded, then you're the only original owner of that image.
  2. You can also use these tools to check if someone has stolen your copyrighted images.
  3. Upload an avatar or logo or profile picture or any image to know where the image is uploaded.
What else can be used in such a way, you think...

Best Non Copyrighted Images Resources List

Okay, let's look at some of my collection's websites at this stage, from where you can get public domain images and free stock photos resources.

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But Please Note: After you have found public domain images and free stock photos resources, use photoshop or online photo editing tools to make some changes and create unique and original image content, though you can use it directly. However, creating unique and original image content will improve the quality of your website and Google search ranking.

Let's start finding some free images that can be used commercially ...

// 1.  Google Advanced Image Search - Although always uses Image, many may not use Google Advanced Image Search. From here you can find many public domain images and free stock photos resources, just by searching the keyword as you need.

After clicking on the link Google Advanced Image Search, just select the option "Free to use, share, or modify, even commercially" from the dropdown of all the last option "usage rights" and clicking on "Advanced Search" will get many more images from public domain images and free stock photos resources.

// 2.  Creative Commons Search - Through the Creative Commons Search, you can search public domain images and free Stock Photos resources from many platforms, such as Google, Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud and many more.

// 3. WikiMedia Commons - WikiMedia Commons has 10 million photos to find the pictures you need, which you can use freely.

// 4. Flickr Commons - Another great resource, where you can find public Domain Images and Free Stock Photos Resources. However, you must understand your image, because you can get many images, so do your research.

Let's start collecting images from different websites

// 5. Pixabay - This is also my favorite beautiful images, well-crafted vector images or video content collection sites. There are more than 460,000 royalty-free image collections that may be more suitable for your blog or website.

// 6. FreeImages - One of my favorite Public Domain Images and Free Stock Photos Resources Where the images are sorted by category and tag. Here's a collection of royalty-free images of more than 400,000 photos. 

// 7. Unsplash - This is also my favorite new site. Here you can find many beautiful beautiful images for creating technology, holiday scenes or well-photography, blog posts with high-resolution images or web pages or landing pages.

// 8., - Another beautifully organized category and tagged site for royalty-free photographs and CC0 licensed images. Almost all photos are free from copyright restrictions.

// 9. Burst.Shopify - It is a special service for for their users, from here you can find many different images you need to use, which you can use commercially.

// 10. IMcreator Free - It is also a beautiful resource where you can easily find what you are looking for and use any images commercially.

// 11. - Another great collection, which will be like many designers or bloggers. The images here may have been collected and presented by a specific person, which you can use commercially without any attribution.

// 12. Public Domain Pictures - This is a good repository that has made a specific person. Here are 214,445 free pictures and many users are often uploading a new image.

// 13. Public Domain Photos - Get 5,000 photos and 8,000 free clip arts which you can use anyway, even commercially. However, as the site says, if there is a logo or copyright on an image, it is better to not use it.

// 14. RealisticShots - There is a huge collection of Public Domain Images and Free Stock Photos Resources which you can use for personal and commercial purposes. 

// 15. Startup Stock Photos - Startup stock photos will be needed for startups, bloggers, publishers, websites, designers, developers, which are good for office space, perfect working environment, and creative work. All images are under the CC0 license.

// 16. EveryStockPhoto - A free stock photos site that collects from various Public Domain Images and Free Stock Photos Resources. As they are presented with searches through popular public domain image websites including Flickr, NASA, Wikimedia and many more. But before using it, check each photo's license from the bottom or left the side.

// 17. Pexels - Another powerful stock photo search engine for CC0 licensed photos from various sources, which is my favorite.

// 18. Free Stock Photos - Here you can find two types of pictures, including public domain images and other licenses, so make sure to check the license of each photo.

// 19. - It’s a good resource that you can easily search for all images, and use it for your website or print projects. This is one of the most powerful search tools because it is connected by APIs. 

// 20. Compfight - The number of creative artwork on this website is more than that but there are very few images that can be used freely but the number is very low.

// 21. Gratisography - Here are a lot of high-resolution photos that can be used free of copyright restrictions for personal and commercial projects.

// 22. Negative Space - Here you will find much beautiful Free Stock Photo available in different categories. Which you can use for any business you want, from the CC0 license.

// 23. Freestocks - This is also a similar site where Free Stock Photos will be available and you can use such images, even commercially. In this site, categories are animals, city & architecture, fashion, food & drinks, nature, technology, people.

// 24. SkitterPhoto - There is another similar place where you will find Beautiful Public Domain Images and Free Stock Photos Resources. You can use any of these photos for free and even use them commercially. You need to search by entering categories and keywords.

// 25. Picjumbo - Another great site that you can use for your needs, in addition to the image in your blog post. This is also one of my favorite sites. You can get free images from here which you can use in business safely.

// 26. ShotStash -  Here you can also collect some free images that you can use for commercial purposes.

// 27. Kaboom Pics, - Here you will find many beautiful collection photos, which you can use freely and commercially.

// 28. StyledStock - It’s another nice site, like free and commercially used, here's a lot of collections.

// 29. ISO Republic - This is another site where designer and photographer can find a good collection. Almost all the pictures represent the environment of England and CC0 licensed images.

// 30. Public Domain Vectors - You will also need a vector image for your work, you can create unique and original images by mixing another image with this Public Domain Vectors image. But please note that there is no release information available for these images, which may or may not work for any person, art, property or trademark. That means the matter is not confirmed - so you have to be careful to use these pictures.

At this point, I mentioned the names of some more good sites without further details. Please see you. Here you can also get free images from these sites, which you can use safely in commercial work.,

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In Conclusion

Hopefully, you have found photos that you can now use freely and commercially from many public domain images and free stock photos resources. Now you just have to turn up the plan, how to move forward.
Finding Best Non Copyrighted Images Resources
4/ 5 stars - "Finding Best Non Copyrighted Images Resources" For commercial purposes, here I am going to introduce another more important research in this article, where I will present Public Domain...

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