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Often new platforms are coming. Similarly, more people started thinking about how they can start a blog for free. With the change of days, people are now excited about such a publishing passion. But where they can freely and easily start a blog for free and share it with the world for a long time. So today's writing on the subject of creating a blog like this, it may also work just like a worldwide public diary.

You can publish your writing in many places for blog creation or through other websites. Then it is not possible to say how long those platforms will survive. Even when creating your own free blog on those free platforms, "Powered by link" will not be allowed to be removed. But among the free platforms, the only Blogger Platform will give you the advantage of removing "Powered by Link". If you associate your domain with "├┐", you can create a professional look blog, like this blog

Blogger is a platform developed and provided by Google itself. Hence, Blogger is blessed by Google with many advantages and head-starts than other platforms. Initially, it became favorite among most of the article writer and front-end web developers. The Blogger "Word" may also be very popular due to or it's superb for beginners!.

Why Should We Start a blog?

One should start a blog for free for making his ideas, observations and findings shared or available to another. It can be an easy and simple tool to share one’s thoughts.  It can be used even well than Journals in respect of Article sharing. If Facebook is regarded as a popular and trustworthy platform for social networking, Blogs may work as a platform for ideas and information sharing.

Other Reasons For Start a Blog

  1. Currently, the most effective and popular medium for knowledge exchange.
  2. A blog can be created for any reason; from personal to a Professional purpose.
  3. Build up and enhance the relationship with people worldwide.
  4. Acquaintance with large reader groups. 
  5. Favored medium than general websites.
  6. It is a good medium to practice Brainstorming.
  7. The blog is the biggest earning medium in outsourcing.

Why Start a Blog For Free with Blogger?, the longest running free blogging platform. Because Blogger offers such an easy and light platform with its simple dashboard and customization options. It integrates with other Google services. It also comes with a mobile version as well. Definitely, all the Apps are synced continuously. So you can always keep on blogging on the go. Start using the mobile app via downloading Google Play Blogger Apps. Most important thing is you'll find everything about blogger is free and obviously, the modern templates work with responsive forms; hence presently no brand tends to avoid it.

For the further idea, I will also name a few free top blogging platforms i.e. Wix, Tumblr, Ghost, Weebly, Hosted WordPress etcetera where you can create your free blog. Blogger is the richest and most preferred free platform among all. Although the next free popular platform is and where you have to create Self-hosted WordPress Blog by investing in Domain, Hosting and Themes.
So, what do you think? Don't all have some valuable information or experiences that should share with the World? If so, then start a blog for free at least and let's make the earth more beautiful. - TM SHIBLI N.

The advantage of Blog platform

Firstly, Being powered by Google, it offers free fastest host with light and simple environment which offers you an opportunity to start a blog and blog related all your images will be hosted by Picasa (also part of Google). Therefore, you've very less data-lose chances if you don't infringe Blogger’s Terms and Conditions or delete your contents by yourself. Also, there is no possibility of hacking your blog in "Blogger", unless you use an encrypted theme.

Secondly, if you really want to start your website with WordPress or other platforms, still you may feel to maintain a Blogspot blog to get the backlink or increase visitors trust due to the fact that has different terms and condition for publishing. Also, you may know that is a service from the very Google. Hence, it is blessed by Google with many advantages, privileges, and headstarts than other platforms. Noteworthy, it enables earning without any investment.

How Blogger Can Earn? has integrated earning source from Google Ad-sense. Only with Google Ad-sense, you can earn a massive amount of money if you intend to start a blog for free having a professional appearance. You should also read the Google Ad-sense Terms and Condition.

There are many ways to earn from your blog. It may be compared with a piece of land or even a canvass. With a piece of land you can harvest, plant tree, build a home and many other things. In all the cases you'll benefit or earn from it like crops, Fruits, woods, shelter and so on. With a canvas, you can draw up anything. If it catches an admirer you may receive a good amount of money. You should find your niche and select your field of interest. Thus you can grow your Blogging idea rapidly.

Recommended Rules and Guidelines

  • Plan your goal
  • You should provide something new and best way to do it is to be yourself.
  • Be sure, open and honest.
  • Don't overlook professional aspects like design, color, appearance, spelling, images, readability and such others.
  • Very important to understand Copyright issues i.e. you can't claim ownership of contents belonging to others. If you use one, you have to refer original owner/content and give properly attributing a source. Please note that in many cases usage of such content is even not allowed. If you miss observing the above rule then Google may take any action for such violation that may include payment cancellation, deletion, banning and permanent disability from any or all Google features.
  • Beware of using Google Images.
  • Be cautious with site selection as a source. Try to link high-quality sites.
  • Should post three or four times per week on your blog to increase traffic but not more than that.
  • Though word count does not matter anymore, yet try to write something between 1000 to 5000 words. 
  • Try to integrate Blogger with other Google services to increase your social followers on all social media and establish a communication with readers.
  • Once posted in Blogger, avoid reposting the same on third-party sites.
  • If you are confident and grasped the idea of Blogging well then don't hesitate to purchase tools that will come handy for your further development.
  • Lastly, follow the trend, other bloggers and their activities and learn as much as you can.
There is some more issue that may arise which I think you'll come to know once you start blogging from your heart and head.
Setting up your Blog with free Domain or Top-level domain
After selecting the platform, you should decide whether you'll use a free domain or any top level domain. You have to determine this early as it plays a very significant role subsequently. Many Blogger starts through free domains and when they become popular they buy custom domains. In these cases, they lose all the backlinks and Google Search Result Positions.

However, for free Google hosted ( domain you don’t have to spend any single penny. But for custom Domain ( you must have to buy a domain and have to renew it every year.

Why I Blog On Blogger?

If you ask me which one I prefer to work or earn then I will say I love both the Self-hosted WordPress and Blogger platform and I enjoy working on both platforms. Separately, if I say, working on Blogger gives me more artistic pleasure and on the other hand I feel more freedom to create a website with WordPress. But to start a blog for free and for lifetime blogging, and for fast posting "Blogger" certainly the best platform for me.

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In this regard, I want to share a Google Webmaster Youtube Channel video link. Hopefully, you can find answers to many of your questions from this video.

In a few cases, I also use Sites.Google, Weebly, and Medium platforms for SEO Advantage and Ranking Factor. You'll know the reasons once you achieve a deeper idea. But if, one willing to take the professional route can always refer to my WordPress Starter Guide.
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