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If you ever faced any type of your photos uploaded to any website on the internet due to your mistake or someone who targets you, in this situation how to remove photos from Google search result (Permanently)? In today's article, I will tell you how to solve this kind of issue.

When you need to delete such images from the internet forever?
  1. If you mistakenly shared a picture on a social site
  2. Or you've uploaded an image on your website before, but you don't want to see it online now.
  3. Or anyone else who shares your porn or nude selfie on social sites or on a particular site.
If this is done, take every step mentioned below but in the beginning, don't make any other action without cooling the head completely.

Notice how many pages you find in Google Search results with Revenge Porn. That is, a lot of interested people or victims of this issue, you're not alone. You can say it's a bad side of technology. Anyway ...how to remove pictures from google

According to the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, revenge can be defined as obscene, or more precisely, offensive pornography, "distribution of sexually graphic images of people without their consent." It also includes photos transmitted between the privacy of the relationship, including photos stolen by the hack.

So, What Do You Do To Remove Your Photo From The Internet?

Assuming that, YOU'VE BEEN TARGETED, or for any other reason, you still want to permanently remove your photos from the Internet in addition to Google search results.

Photos Live Forever on the Internet, but Not On Google. Google will delete the image or video where:
● You are shown naked or sexual act.
● The content was intended to be personal
● You don't agree to the publicly available material.

For more information, visit Google’s revenge porn support page.

First, Find Out Your Similar Photos On The Internet.

That is, of course, confirm that your image is not uploaded anywhere else on the Internet. If the answer is yes, then you have to collect the link to those images, before you can remove your photos from Google Search Result permanently. So how do you find similar photos from Google Search Result?

Here’s how:
● Visit Google Images
● Click the camera icon for “search by image”

● Here you can see two options. Use the photo link here or upload a photo to find the photo.

● Imagine, using that photo link, you will find all other similar photos. To do this, right click on that image and copy your photo link as shown below.

● Now "Paste image URL" like the previous picture and Click on "Search by image" button. After then, notice how many of your photos show on the Google Search results page.

● If different websites show photos, then visit each website separately and collect the addresses of each photo like the previous picture.

That means, list those photos link in a new notepad or in a .doc file. Then you will request to delete each photo one by one to Google Webmaster.

In this way, after finding all the Photos, Follow the next 3 Steps

STEP 1: How to Permanently Remove Your Photo From Google Search Result

Use the link below to remove your photos or links from Google search result permanently. But, as mentioned earlier, in this case, you will send a request one after another to delete all the photos.

According to Google rules, if all is well, Google will take action within 24 hours. (As I noticed)

You can also use the "Personal Information Removal Request Form" tool to remove any personal information from Google's product. For example, blogger, youtube, site.google, and all other Google products are applicable.

In the same way, you can search your "Naked Selfie" by typing your name or using images on the Bing Search Engine. If you can find those images, then use "this link" to remove you photos or links.

STEP 2: How to Permanently Remove Your Photos From Social Sites?

I hope all of us are more or less aware of how to report to a particular photo in social media. With the rapid change in technology and era, there are many changes in the number of offers to help users on all social websites. So you can expect help from the help/support centers of all social sites due to your problems in the distribution.

For example, look for Facebook
Similarly, you can also report on twitter help centers and you can use the twitter contact pages.

In this way: You will also get different ways of communicating with other social sites and they will give significant importance to this.

STEP 3: How to Send a Request to Permanently Delete Your Photo/Video From an Individual Website?

The only problem is, Google even removes all the links or photos from their search results, but the photos on the original website remain. In this case, Google can take many steps to blacklist that website, but Google will never really help you to delete that website. That is why you need to request to delete the photos or links by going directly to those websites.

Way#1: Reporting tools are always available on all websites that currently have porn or nude photos. Although many new or personal websites are not mentioned. So go directly to those websites, use such reporting tools and request that they are taken down.
Way#2: Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) - It is the best way to send the formal request so that any type of copyright material or your nude material should be deleted. As you might know, no one is allowed to use your any kind of photo without your permission. According to U.S Copyright Law. So, you can expect your maximum success by using the Professional Takedown Service of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). In this way take-down notice through a lawyer, you must get better results faster.

Note: You can use this "DMCA taken down" services for your any kind of copyrighted material, like Logo, Video, Image, Code and so on.

What To Do Immediately, When Your Naked Selfie Leaks

  • Mimic your brain for a while, it’s NOT your fault
  • And your reactions are normal
  • But don't take any action or don’t tell everyone
  • Don't stress too much.
  • Start thinking about the positive aspects.
  • Contact the person responsible.
  • Specially request to delete.
  • Get help from a very close person.
  • Contact the police. But before that, find out relevant information.
  • But don’t seek revenge. Maybe because of a bigger danger.
  • Read this post and try to delete all photos by yourself or accept a professional service.
Most of all - Think, again and again, It's not your fault. But of course, remember that every man or woman has a reason to committed in such crime by violates such laws and the "reason" can be anything, which may have fueled by your subconscious mind. So the only way to make your proper living conditions is to avoid yourself from all such wrongdoings.

I repeat: If you are really involved in this problem, don't waste your time. "All the free services and a paid service mentioned above" together is the only way to get the complete solution.

Or, are you still curious about revenge porn's laws regarding your state?

The Last Few Words:

Yes, I would like to mention that if such activities are especially needed, then be careful or serious about your privacy and partner. But never associate with a person who can commit crimes like revenge porn or who doesn't like porn at least. huh
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