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We all want to look good to see our Bengali blog, and for this without using additional graphics, using just a nice font with simple white design, you can give your website a lot of elegant looks. So if you want to change Bangla Font, that is, if you're going to use Stylish Bangla font on Blogger blog or WordPress made website, then you can easily do it. If you wish, today's post will give you a complete overview of your search on this topic through every step.

There was a time before 2003 when writing Bangla blogs could not be imagined, although since 1988 the writing process started with the computer, after the discovery of Sir Mustafa Jabbar's Bijoy (বিজয়) ASCII-Unicode based Bengali input software. But, after 26th March 2003 (The Independence Day of Bangladesh), Bengali writing on Avro Keyboard became so natural and universal that writing Bengali blog is no longer a difficult task. So now the beautiful Bengali font is being unveiled, and from there you can expect to use Stylish Bangla Font on Blogger blog or WordPress made blog or websites.

So let's not waste my writing, see how to change / Use Stylish Bangla Font on Blogger/WordPress made blog or website.

Use Stylish Bangla Font in Blogger Blog

If you notice the vast collection of interactive web directory of Google Font, you will get 5 beautiful Bengali fonts. You can take a look of the fonts from this link of Google Bangla Font or through the following pictures.

Don't Worry! After use stylish Bangla font, your blog or website will not be slow, if you use one or two fonts, and with Google Font, it will be an excellent decision to use it safely.

Okay, now let's change Bangla font in blogger blog and use stylish Bangla font as you like:

How To Change The Font From Fonts.Google

STEP 1:  First, Go to Fonts.Google site and decide to select your preferred font and click the (+) sign beside the font.

STEP 2: STEP 2: After clicking on the (+) symbol, a black bar will appear for your preferred font, which will look as shown in the image below after click.

Here's What You Need To Do:

  1. The "Link to Style Sheet" shown in the image above will be added to the Blogger template's code just above </ head>
  2.  And the new CSS rules should be used instead of the previous CSS rules. Then notice the changes in the font on your blog.

Let's Say, How To Use Stylish Bangla Font 'Hind Siliguri'

The first Bengali font that will be seen in Fonts.Google is probably 'Hind Siliguri' which I like a lot. So let's see how we will use this Stylish font in our Blogger blog.

'Link to Style Sheet' for this font 'Hind Siliguri'

<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Hind+Siliguri" rel="stylesheet">
'CSS rules' for this font 'Hind Siliguri'

font-family: 'Hind Siliguri', sans-serif;

Note Here:
  • If you want to use this font on the entire blog - then change all CSS rules ( font-family: 'YourFont', Font;) text in the whole blog template.
  • Or if you want to use this font only in the specified area - that is to say, you will use this font in your blog heading, ie H1 tag.
For Option b. Find such coding inside your template

H1 {
font-family: 'YourPreviousFontName', FontName;


That is, Only in that part, you add this line (font-family: 'Hind Siliguri', sans-serif;) instead of your previous 'CSS rules' for H1 tag.

How To Use Stylish Bangla Font 'Soliman Lipi'

"Soliman Lipi" This font is simply another favorite font of mine, which is formally used everywhere and almost all bloggers use this font. But unfortunately, this font is not found in Fonts.Google. So let's show you how to add these fonts.

'Link to Style Sheet' for this font 'Soliman Lipi'

STEP 1:  Just paste these codes just above the </ head>

<link href='https://fonts.maateen.me/solaiman-lipi/font.css' rel='stylesheet'>
Or paste this code </body> just before it.

@import url('https://fonts.maateen.me/solaiman-lipi/font.css');
STEP 2: Change 'CSS rules' for this font 'Soliman Lipi'


Bangla Font Problem In Wordpress

Use an additional plugin Bangla Font Fixer for WordPress so that there is no possibility to break the font for any browser, instead, it looks smooth.

At The End of All

Hopefully, now you have got a clear idea about the use of the best 5 stylish Bangla (Bengali) fonts for your site. Still have any questions or concerns, please comment directly on my blog, and I will definitely answer to your questions properly.

So read this blog, and feel the difference.
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