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22 January 2017

Quick And Best Way To Learn Video Editing

Those whose are already tied out few tools of video can get quick video editing complete ideas after reading my post but those are beginner they also learn how to do this but they might need some practice, dedication and time. Like the online learning process, you just need some patience before your success to earn from online. Video editing is not difficult or complicated, but it does require the right equipment and you have to fix your goal.

In the following, I will provide you the tools, resources, methods and what to do so that you do not come under Copyright infringements. And lastly, I will show you a few ways of Video Editing.

About Video Editing Tools and Resources

Before I suggest you let me introduce with a few necessary tools and resources. You may need to find this software or tutorial over the internet. Due to some reason, I can't provide you the download link but I will suggest if you like/find any software is essential for always try to buy but never use any crack version. Because this may harmful for your computer or earning and better for the hacker who will take control your PC, use your unnecessary data, mostly stolen your password, virus and many other issues will arise. Another thing keeps on your mind that, almost all the video editing main software are paid and with free software, you can’t go so far for their limitation. So, use 1/2 better software and always keep your security up to date if you to work on the internet really.  So here are the tools and resources name or links in category:

Top 10 Best Video Editing Software

The following software is sorted by order based on simple to difficult to use. You can download a demo and try these.

(1) AVS Video Editor (2) Sony Movie Studio (3) Flimora (4) Pinnacle Studio  (5) Corel Video Studio (6) CyberLink Power Director (7) Sony Vegas (8) Edius Pro (9) Adobe Premiere Pro (10) Avid Media Composer.

Here I like to mention about two software at the beginning for Digital Marketer/Youtuber:
  1. Flimora - Which is very simple to use, apply may affect and create quality HD video with many features. For a beginner, this is the best solution.
  2. Corel Video Studio - Not to mention that this another best software video editing. Handling is the same as Flimora or other video editing software but you can find lots of extra function then Flimora. I can say an example: Suppose you can drive your car but if you want success in car driving then you have change gear manually not with automatic gear changing the car. like that...  For me, I use both two software.
The following software is not on my list, but you may need it.
Video Maker FX - This software will be much better for those who are a beginner to make videos. In less time, this software will help you to create White Board Animation or create a much better slide show. But you work with this software online, so you have to buy and use it. Similarly, if you buy other mentioned software, you will get very good results. In this link, you can learn more about this software Video Maker FX

Video Editing With Corel Video Studio

Take a little time to try out the video tutorial and try it, it is definitely not difficult. But it does not necessarily mean that you can do all in one day. However, I can say that if you try a little, you will become a master within 7 days. Try it

Screen Recording Software:
Screen recording tools are available with mention software above the list. Still, you can use other small lightweight software to record your screen to create your tutorial video or other purposes. Here is list below:

Commercially Free To Use Music Sources

You can’t use others image, music or video anyway. Otherwise, your channel might be deleted or you can't earn from your YouTube video and also you have faced many Copyrights issue. But you can find many kinds of music which are commercial free to use which you can use. Here is the list of website where you can find commercial-free background music or song:

Recommended Post: Non Copyrighted Music for YouTube Videos

Freemusicarchive, freemusicpublicdomain, Purple-planet, Ccmixter, soundcloud

Commercially Free To Use Image Sources

As you already knew you can’t use others image but you can modify any free image from free image source website. Here is the list of free image sources website and related tools:

Recommended Post: Best Non Copyrighted Images Resources

Commercially Free To Use Video Sources

Hopefully, video editing will become much more comfortable now. Yes, you can download videos from the links below and commercially use it in your video.  You will find many videos according to your needs. Find out..

Recommended Post: Free HD Video Clip or Footage Resources

But keep in mind: There are free videos as well as paid videos in mentioned sites. So check at least twice, whether you can use commercially on your video or not.

Quick Online Video Making Tools

Below are some quick online video editing or making websites, which may help you to adjust to your video creation -
(1) Magisto - You can create a video just uploading your video with a few clicks.
(2) RenderForest - With this online tools you can create few intros making ideas.
(3) StupeFlix - You can create nice image slideshow just uploading images.
(4) - Another tool to create a nice slideshow.
(4) MakeWebVideo - You can create nice and easy to understand ex-plainer videos.

You May Also Need For Your Business: Fast Free Online Logo Maker and Download

Hope this post has helped you to give a lot of information if you like it, or if you want to know more, then let me know in the comments. Thanks-
Quick And Best Way To Learn Video Editing
4/ 5 stars - "Quick And Best Way To Learn Video Editing" Those whose are already tied out few tools of video can get quick video editing complete ideas after reading my post but those are begin...

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