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26 February 2018

Usage of Non Copyrighted Music for YouTube Videos

You know that without commercially free audio music, you can never create good quality videos. Otherwise, you will get the Copyright Claim and your video will be deleted from YouTube or any other platform. In some cases, more money may be fined. But the good news is that many people allow their music to be used freely, or there is much free audio that the owner might not be able to find, Or some audio owners want to mention their attribution to use their audio, Or someone might ask you to pay a cup of coffee bills. Do not worry, I will suggest only commercially free music download sites in this article. But I must also say that before deciding on any audio, you must double check it.

You can use these audio files in your movie, documentary, tutorial, with PowerPoint presentation or any other purpose. So here I will also discuss your audio editing and other related topics in addition to mentioning commercially free music download sites.

One more thing to remind us that we try to mention many relevant topics in one article to save both of our time.  Yes, it is WORKSTATION247, it always happens on all posts and pages of this blog. That is, in this way, I try to present as much detail as possible.

Here's what I'll present ...
  1. Commercially Free Music Download Sites
  2. Sound effects for your  video
  3. Voice Recorders to Record Voice
  4. Simple Software to Edit Audio Files
  5. Best Audio Editing Apps
So what do you say, I hope you also need these tools ...

Commercially Free Music Download Sites

Here you will get free and paid collections of music and loops together with many sites together with many sites. All you need to do is download and understand the free files. If you want, you will also be able to purchase paid, if you think you need that too.

Let's start searching Commercially Free Music & loops...

//1. The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library - Collection of various periods of recorded audio samples in "Converse Rubber Track Studio" that they published on the website. They allow such collections to be used for free. Here, they will enable the use of recorded tracks, loops and stem records.

//2. Free Music Archive - FMA is a royalty free music archive. Where you can collect Commercially Free music from week-wise charts. This is an archive of public domain and Creative Commons licensed songs site.

//3. Vimeo Music Store - This is the royalty free music archive for Vimeo users. Here's 100's of free, high quality, for commercial use soundtracks.

//4. Bensound - One of my favorite commercially free Music Download Sites. Where Creative Commons Music / Royalty Free Download is free, and you can use it for any project.

//5. Pond 5 - Another free public domain music tracks site. Where you get 2000+ collections.

//6. Looper Man - A Better Royalty Free Loops Samples site. Which is very much about pro audio resources and you can use it for any project.

//7. Flashkit - Powerful searching, excellent organization and easy real-time previews make this the most advanced Sound FX download site on the net.

//8. Amazon -  Free 40K tracks can also be available from Amazon.

//9. Last.FM - There are many good music performers, and new bands can do a lot of good work here.

//10. SoundCloud - If you search a little bit, you will get much free music from SoundCloud which you can use as background music for any project.

//11. NoiseTrade - One more commercially free music download sites, where thousands of albums will be available which are Completely Free and Completely Legal.

//12. BrainyBetty - It is a viral site for many different types of free resources. Also, you will find many free music collections in one part.

//13. ccMixter - This is a small amount of commercially free music download sites. Every music is good.

//14. Free Sound - Here you will get some good music or sound effects but this work is licensed under the Attribution License.

//15. IncompeTech - From here you can also collect a significant amount of music for your YouTube videos, which you like. However, the attribution must be specified.

//16.  Partners in Rhyme - Here's a great collection of royalty free music and sound effects, which you can use commercially, including a printable license.

//17. AudioJungle - Hopefully you understand that due to being paid, you can get a lot of professional music here. Also, AudioJungle offers a premium audio file free every month.

//18. Jamendo -  From here you can easily find your file from more than 150,000 audio files. But they only offer trial time for two weeks.

//19. Musopen
Musopen offers a non-profit royalty free public domain music recording and other music resources, but you have to signup.

Remember, For Paid Resources

if you really want to buy a perfect professional music by spending money, AudioJungle is always the best site. 

Sound Effects

After collecting music from your commercially free music download sites, you will need some more Sound Effect. Which may be necessary for various reasons, including the change of sequence of your video or voice of tutorials. Below are some links, from which you can get a lot of free Sound Effect which you can use commercially.

[ 1 ] Pond 5 [ 2 ] YouTube Audio Library [ 3 ] Sounds Crate [ 4 ] Flashkit [ 5 ] Free Sound Effects [ 6 ] Sound Gator

Simple Tools to Edit Audio Files

You can use the "MEFmedia Music Editor" tool for Free and Safe Audio Editor. If you want to tell me another good audio editor's name then AVS Audio Editor. The kind of interface you are looking for as audio editing tools, maybe it will be the same as what happened to me.

Best Audio Editing Apps

Using audio editing software in the desktop PC is much more effective. Even if you want to do the same thing at your leisure, you can use the Android or iPhone app. Below I mention some good apps.
For Android: WavePad Master’s EditionWavePad Audio Editor FreeLexis Audio EditorAudio Recorder and EditorVideo audio cutter
For iPhone:   Garage BandHokusai Audio EditorTwistedWave Audio Editor,

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this collection of Commercially Free Music Download sites will give you new levels of creative thinking by increasing your interest in your work. But at the end, I want to tell again, of course, before deciding on your preferred audio file you must check at least 2 times whether you can use that audio commercially or not! Otherwise, you might lose a lot of time.
Usage of Non Copyrighted Music for YouTube Videos
4/ 5 stars - "Usage of Non Copyrighted Music for YouTube Videos" You know that without commercially free audio music, you can never create good quality videos. Otherwise, you will get the Copyright Claim...

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