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Many Bengali users often face this Bengali (Bangla) font problem, after downloading a new browser or after installing new windows, i.e., Windows 10. That is why Bengali websites or blogs show Bangla broken font problem, or sometimes there are Bangla font display problems in those sites, i.e., ugly Bangla font showing. In today's post, due to the various issue, I will mention how to fix Bangla font problem for different browsers.

As a Bangladeshi or Indian (West Bengal, Tripura, and Barak Valley) user, you should know how to fix Bangla font problem for your PC's best viewing experience. This problem occurs because the appropriate font is not installed or because of your default Bangla font is small; hence the font looks different in your browser.

About Bangla Software

Maybe you know and use, "Avro Keyboard" by OmicronLab. If not, before you solve this Bangla font problem, you should download and start using it, and download it from OmicronLab's official site for your safety.

Avro Keyboard - For most widely used, the last Bangla software package you'll ever need! It's a Free Bangla Software and Spell Checker for macOSWindows, and Linux. This is a fantastic tool, which is used for Bangla blog type or any type of Bangla type since 2003.

To fix Bangla font problem, take a look at any following methods:

First Methods

OmicronLab has tried to solve the Bangla font problem by introducing a different software made by them. Through this software below, Bangla font problem is solved on many computers, if not done, then it will be resolved if you try with Second Methods below.

To Fix Bangla Font Setup

Download Font Fixer 2.0 from OmicronLab and install it.

Now restart PC..... (Wait, don't go yet) - 

For Win 2000/Xp/2003 - Unicode Setup
If you have Windows 2000/Xp/2003, in this case, Download IComplex from OmicronLab and install it (click 'Install Complex Script' Button). It is not applicable to other Windows Version.

Second Methods 

If the first method does not work, then do it manually to fix Bangla font problem. Here, I am referring to several steps. 

STEP 1: Font Install

Download Solaimanlipi Font and install it.

Step 2 - Enable Font Smoothing:

Here, if you just want to solve the Bangla font problem for Chrome Browser only then, you can avoid the steps for other browsers.


For fixing font problem in chrome, go to…
  1. Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Customize fonts
  2. —set the four type of fonts to “Siyam Rupali or Noto Sans Bengali or Solaiman Lipi”
  3. Done


For fixing font problem in opera, go to…
  1. Menu > Settings > Websites > Customize 
  2. Fonts — Set the four type of fonts to “Siyam Rupali or Noto Sans Bengali or Solaiman Lipi”
  3. Done


For fixing font problem in Firefox, go to from your browser…
  1. Go to Menu > Option > Content > Fonts and Color > Advanced
  2. Fonts for— bengali 
  3. Then set the last three fonts to “Siyam Rupali or Noto Sans Bengali or Solaiman Lipi”
  4. Done

Last Few Words

So now you have already fix Bangla Font problem in browsers and started enjoying new experience using of Bangla font.

now restart PC... and hope to come back to this blog again.
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