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You know how social media is now creating a big impact in any society. Similarly, your brand's reputation throughout the world is based on your Social Media Strategy. At the same time, you also know that when you promote your BRAND jointly through the website and social media, it is easy to control or decompose. That is that the website for your brand coordination with various Social Media, Google Webmaster Tools, and many other media, but the biggest impact is through social media activities. Because here you can find all your visitors or potential customers. So why not just read this complete article and apply your Social Media Strategy.

First of all, popular social media sites are being used by more people

So, let's go directly to your social media strategy, to improve your social media marketing and accelerate your work, you'll need some of the hottest plugins and tools that will accelerate your work pace faster than your ideas and in some cases automatic. Such as:

Social Media WordPress Plugins

#1 Social Locker for Wordpress 
This plugging will automate your work.  I think, if you don't know before, it would be an invaluable information for you. Although some money will cost, however, I believe the price is even higher than you would buy.

Think, you are giving valuable information or coupon code to your website, but your website visitor will have to collect that information only after sharing your post. What will be the matter? Get the idea.

Think once, even if your post does not delete for 1 minute, how many visitors will get to your site. Now imagine what happens if your visitor by mistake does not delete!

Similarly, these 2 social lockers have been sold more frequently on the WordPress website. So why don't you use it?

Note: You'll not get any free plugins like this. So plan quickly, and get a Social Locker WordPress plugin before it is rare.

#2 Social Auto Poster - WordPress Plugin
This is another important WordPress plugin that will help you increase your website's traffic automatically. That is to say, after preparing your post, these plugins will automatically share with all social media sites as you click the "Publish" button. It will always save your valuable time to make the purpose of creating a website. Although you will find another good free plugin NextScripts Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) to do the same work, however, "Social Auto Poster - WordPress Plugin" this plugin will be more helpful to create your social media strategy.

#3 Social Network Tabs For Wordpress 
This is the last plugin I recommend to you, this plugin can be used in different parts of your website to increase the social follower through your website. This plugin presents all social sites together in tab slide form. It will not be necessary for you, but if you use it, it will be good to create your social media strategy.

It is now very easy to use and many people use it. If you have not used it yet, start using it right away. This tool will help you save your time by posting all your social sites in 1 click. These tools will also help you in many ways.

For example, after taking an Instagram photo, that image will automatically be saved in your Dropbox account. Again, when your new person follows your tweet, you will automatically be able to thank him. Here you have to set these different recipes once in the beginning and yes it is free.

#2 Bliss Control 
Another useful site where you can control all your social settings in one place. Such as your profile picture, bio, password recovery, and more. You can use this tool for 13 social media sites. Among them (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest) there will be.

In addition to helping to build a fast relationship with supporters, influential and potential customers on Twitter, you can spot your friends on active Twitter conversations, with new followers who have stopped following you, direct messages and total reach data, The activity can keep a record.

All the things that can be one of the key factors for your Twitter marketing contributions and connections.

#4 SocialBro
Another one of the best quality tools that will show the best time to tweet based on your followers.

#5 Cyfe
It provides visibility to various social channels and search metrics, which can usually only be accessed by the channel/administrator.

For example, it shows a visual real-time dashboard that associates your brand with Facebook Insights, YouTube Analytics, Twitter and Twitter Search information, Seomoz, Google Trends, Google Analytics and much more for social media strategy or searches data.

#6 Cloze
This is a new tool that lets you see all the important tools for email, phone calls, meetings, notes, follow-ups and social relationships management in one place.

#7 AgoraPulse
It focuses on Facebook. It is necessary for each Facebook page to be a competition and promotion application that offers unique features and which really makes a difference.

#8 Reachli
Analyzes tool for Pinterest. Like Buffer and HootSuite apps for Facebook and Twitter.

#9 Buffer
With Buffer, you can set your tweets and posts ahead of schedule, and all your accounts can create a presence on all social media.

Free Mobile Apps for Social Media

#11. Dropbox, #12. Google Drive, #13. Evernote, #14. Flickr, #15. Asana, #16. Skype for Mobile, #17. Hangouts, #18. HootSuite for Twitter, #19. Feedly, #20. Color Note, #21. Pocket, #22. Instapaper, #23. Flipboard, #24. Reddit, #25. Tumblr, #26. StumbleUpon, #27. Pinterest, #28. LinkedIn SlideShare, #29. Quora, #30. MailChimp.

Google Chrome Extensions

To Save Time on Social Media

Grammarly - To check English spelling and grammar.
Hootsuite Hootlet - Create and publish social media posts from your browser. Also, you can track or monitor keyword mentions, and show the right time for the post.
Evernote Web Clipper - To keep any notes from the post.
MozBar - Analyze a link's page in the middle of the Google Search result page and shows SEO related information including Page Authority, Domain Authority.
Page Analytics by Google - Like MozBar, track the performance of blogs or websites.
Ritetag – Analyze hashtags and collaborates to tweet you.
Riffle – Show any Twitter user's complete information
CircleCount – Instant Google+ analysis.
Social Analytics – Shows rapid visibility of share statistics on a page
Pocket (formerly Read It Later)  - Keep items ready for you to read in the future.
Bitly – Creates shortened links, and helps to share
Search in a Giphy - Fun animated GIFs to enhance your updates
Chrome Remote Desktop- To collaborate from one computer to another computer

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this will save you a lot of time in your use of tools, tricks and social media strategy, which will make the path to success easier by reaching your goal.
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