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Welcome to BloggerDev | Digital Development Blog
This is a personal blog or digital notebook of
It's a pleasure to see you here. we appreciates your attention.

An enthusiast of the arts, design, and innovation who intends to be a freelancer, casual blogger, and loves to be an entrepreneur in advanced digital marketing. Where he works on Laravel, Vue.js, Blogger, and WordPress CMS-based web development. He also specializes in creating WordPress themes and Custom Blogger Templates. Among the more notable experiences, he was active in creating AfterEffect video presentations for various clients. He also owns a few businesses and enterprises. 

He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Products and Fashion Merchandising after graduating (Hons) in Fashion Design and Technology. Apart from freelancing, he was engaged in a few local associations, i.e., Sadakalo Fashion House, Dimension3 Architecture and Interior, G9Vision IT, and Biswas Imports. His endeavors are much acclaimed among all. 
BloggerDev is a vision to provide Bloggers around the world with excellent tutorials, website or blog template resources, free graphics resources, creative design techniques, video editing resources, tools, tech news, and much more related to creative workstations. There are several great sites across the web to offer these, but we focus on the details on one page, honest opinions, easy to find, and fill in the blanks. We're proud to feature well-selected tutorials, frequent previous page updates, new page additions, quick idea feedback, and new topic reviews. He and his team will not stop working from this point in the future (although this is just the beginning) but we are committed and have come a long way in this industry.
HISTORY (in a few words)
He has been involved in the freelancing market for over 10+ years. It started at the beginning of his university. Literally, global publishing and designing are one of his passion. In 2007, he found himself interested in WORDPRESS/HTML5-based Blogs or website making and its theme/template design in coding. Therefore, he started planning to share here his resources, and knowledge parallel to his freelance projects. It's a lot like his digital notebook. Consequently, he came up with the idea of BloggerDev.com, which was previously known as "bloggerboundary.com".


Business is great if you can do a certain thing in a certain way in business. Yet, the beginning is kind of rough. Everything else just taking care of. So, how you can apply some of the principles in your business. That’s the tragedy. It doesn't depend on your daily time management, but it depends on your own decisions on how quick you want.


In the present world, we should never stop learning, and ...
"We must no longer consider ourselves citizens of cities or towns where we teach, But we must consider the citizens of the world." So, we all think of a global entrepreneur and we hope to build a brand and business worldwide.


It's about making the world a better place and We work for everyone's satisfaction. Therefore, your ideas, thoughts, needs, and feedback are really important to him, Stay with this blog.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit BloggerDev.

Are you the kind of entrepreneur who takes action?

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