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Currently, there are some dual currency prepaid card Bangladesh in addition to using EBL Aqua Card to purchase online and make international payment online. With the changing of the world, the whole world has transformed into a virtual world, and the trend of buying from e-commerce sites or online websites through USD payment in Bangladesh is also increasing rapidly. As a result, the pattern of issuing international prepaid card Bangladesh is also growing among some new banks.

Why we use EBL Aqua Card or Dual Currency Prepaid Card Bangladesh?

 The common answers are -
  • To promote ads on Google AdWords or on social sites like Facebook, Youtube.
  • To buy games, software, domain, hosting or theme for website creation  
  • To purchase products from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress website.
  • To pay various international exam fees such as IELTS or GRE.
According to my knowledge, there are some other essential things you need to know before knowing the EBL Aqua card and other best dual currency prepaid card Bangladesh services.
or you might say, some questions that might worry you ...

Why You Need 2/3/4 Dual Currency Prepaid Card?

  1. Some websites may have problems with Visa or Master Card acceptance. For example, when purchasing a product from Envato.com, they don't accept American Express Credit Card, but Envato.com accepts the EBL Aqua Card.
  2. Many websites have a special promotional offer for the first purchase by using each card. As a result, if you have 2/3 cards, it is possible to get the offer 2/3 times.
  3. While traveling to another country, having more cards may make it possible for you to carry more dollars, which you will definitely use to buy products.
  4. Anyone from your country will be able to deposit money in your card number, which you can use while traveling. (As per dollar endorsement limit on passport)
  5. and of course, you can use any card anytime, depending on the situation and security aspects.

Relevant Caution: When you traveling abroad, the dual currency prepaid card will charge 2% - 3% for withdrawals from ATM. Also, the dollar value will be less than the current price. But, the good news is that there will be no additional charge for purchasing any product using dual currency prepaid card from any country.

What is a Dual Currency Prepaid Card?

Dual currency prepaid card (travel card) is a type of bank account, where even if you don't have an account with the card provider bank, you will get the opportunity to make local or international payment by submitting a person undertaken form. But in this case, you have to make a dollar endorsement in your current passport from your designated bank as per the rules of Bangladesh Bank.

According to the rules of Bangladesh Bank, now a Bangladeshi Cardholder can spend $300 on each transaction which was previously only $100. Annual travel quota is $5000 for SAARC countries and $7000 for non-SAARC countries.

Some problems of Dual Currency Prepaid Card:

To use these USD Prepaid Cards, you should always call their Hotline number before doing any international transaction, and that's why you have to spend approximately 20 - 30 Taka. The reasons are: to convert BDT to USD, to enable or disable foreign part, to know your BDT or USD balance, etc

Let's drive into Aqua Prepaid Card Alternatives Dual Currency  Card

Regardless of our needs, I will try to represent the special features of the best other relevant ways below:

1# EBL Mastercard Aqua Prepaid Card

As we all know, EBL Mastercard Aqua Prepaid Card is one of the best services in Bangladesh with all the benefits, including the most affordable annual fee. That is, you can use the EBL SKYBANKING App to find the balance with USD Prepaid Card just by completing the EBL prepaid card application form. Other benefits are listed below:
  1. Minimum account opening Fee DBT 575
  2. Renewal fee BDT 575 for 3 Years
  3. Maximum loading limit daily 1 Lakh and for Internet Banking 20K BDT.
  4. Fund transfer option available
  5. You will receive your card within 7-10 days.
  6. For 24/7 communication: 16230 and Facebook Messenger.

2# Midland Bank (MDB Prepaid Card)

Without any discussion, I would suggest taking this service to everyone. The biggest thing is that you will get the "MDB Prepaid Card" on the day you apply. However, if you maintain an account with them, your USD Prepaid Card can be associated with their Midland Online App.
  1. No Annual Fee for three years *****
  2. But they have a loading charge. If you can load 1 lac to 5 lac but to they will charge 57 BDT
  3. Normal inside Bangladesh but outside country withdrawn charge $1
  4. you have to show another bank statement or have to create a new account on Midland Bank.
  5. No App available but you have to maintain an account with them
  6. 16596 for more info

3# City Bank American Express®

This is the best-known Credit Card worldwide, which is also known as AMEX. Based on eligibility, I've to place this City Bank American Express® service at 3rd position on my list. That is, almost all the merchants, freelancer marketplaces or leading eCommerce websites respect American Express® Credit Card to provide their services. Also, you will get all the other benefits and offers, including a credit card EMI facility.
  1. You will receive your card within 10 - 15 days.
  2. Income Salary or Fixed Deposite amount should be DBT 50K - 5 Lakh
  3. Total Annual Fee BDT 1700 per year (including all hidden charges)
  4. ATM withdrew charges, (2% of the withdrawal amount per day + BDT 150 for each withdrawal) Know more details from their hotline 16234
Individual Analysis: The attractive advantage of doing all the banking using Citytouch Apps. However, it is a big disappointment that they don't disclose all the hidden charges at the outset.

4# BRAC Bank Travel Card

This is just a Brac Bank Visa Prepaid Gift Card or Travel Card, which you can operate at a lower cost than all other bank travel cards and doesn't require any bank account like other prepaid cards. However, the good news is that you can make all kinds of local and international payments using this easy-to-receive card.
  1. You will receive your card within 7-10 days
  2. Minimum account opening Fee DBT 575
  3. Renewal fee BDT 575 for 2 years.
  4. You can't withdraw money from ATM in Bangladesh
  5. For 24/7 communication: 16221

5# EXIM Bank Prepaid Card

The Exim prepaid card and EBL Aqua Prepaid card offer relatively similar services that enable you to make various local and international payments. However, the Exim bank dual currency prepaid card is a VISA card, and they claim their bank as Shariah Based Islami Bank. That is, you can call this is an Islami bank prepaid card in a sense.
  1. Card delivery within 10 - 15 days
  2. Annual Fee BDT 345 (no extra fee)
  3. Per Day withdrawn from ATM 40,000 TK (which you can change later)
  4. you can get the card or load dollar from any branch
  5. For 24/7 communication: 16246 Learn More here.

6# SBL Insta Prepaid Card

Southeast Bank Limited's "Insta Prepaid Card" is also a similar service, but their annual fee is higher than EBL Aqua Prepaid, and it is a Visa card. Other features are as follows:
  1. Annual Fee BDT 575 per year 
  2. You can load from a few Braches
  3. ATM Withdrawn Charge 2%
  4. You can collect the cards on the same day.
  5. For 24/7 communication: 16206

7# MTB USD Prepaid Card

The mutual trust bank's Visa International Prepaid Card, which will not work in Bangladesh, can only be used for international transactions. This "USD prepaid card" is a travel card and will cost a lot to use every year. 
  1. $23 + VAT yearly
  2. Not possible to withdraw money from local ATMs.
  3. visa card, which has no chance of using Android App
  4. For 24/7 communication: 16219
  5. I think it makes no sense to use a card like this.

Get Free International MasterCard From Bangladesh

8# EBL NOVOAIR Co-Brand Prepaid MasterCard

This card is a free prepaid card Bangladesh from NOVOAIR airline company, which they provide only to their airline customers. NOVOAIR integrates with EBL and provides services through global networks whose features are precisely like the EBL Aqua Card.

But the things you need to know about getting EBL NOVOAIR Co-Brand Prepaid:
  1. If you are an EBL Aqua Card user, you will not get EBL NOVOAIR Co-Brand Prepaid.
  2. You must need to provide a copy of the NOVOAIR airline ticket with your name and Smile Number.
If all goes well, you will receive a MasterCard within 24 days if you complete their form and send the relevant documents to their address.

9# Payoneer

A widely used Free International MasterCard is also available in Bangladesh. Currently, this service is no stranger to anyone where anyone can create an account anytime by providing information online.

Payoneer's account allows you to create a bank account by coordinating with the United States Federal Bank, which helps the outsourcer to receive payment online. Also, to handle your online transaction, they will courier you an attractive MasterCard to your home address for free, which now looks alike NOVOAIR Co-Brand Prepaid.

#10 Neteller

Neteller will not give you a physical card, but they will provide you a picture of the card. It is an e-money transfer service used to transfer money. Many youths use this service to do forex trading, which is illegal under the rules of Bangladesh Bank.

However, in some cases, this service is still used. Such as buying goods online or transferring money. Anyone can create an account at any time by providing information.

00# Bank Asia Freelancer Card

Bank Asia Freelancer Card or "Shadhin Master Card" is a totally crap card that will charge you a lot of money if you use it. Also, their system is almost crazy, which will make you even crazier. Maybe it will helpful for Freelancers if they solve all the problems. But in reality, I don't think they can solve it. Still, I mentioned to warn you not to use their Card.

Basically, you can get a simpler solution using Free Payoneer MasterCards.

City Bank American Express® Credit Card Alternative

I have experience in using these 2 Credit Cards (Standard Chartered Bank and City Bank American Express Credit Card). So I would like to present the answer in 2 sections in the case of credit card use, which I realize from my analysis.

If you are looking for a Dual Currency Credit Card:
In this case, City Bank American Express® is a unique service that can achieve your satisfaction, and in my opinion, there is no alternative like American Express Credit Card Bangladesh. However, among the credit card services, Premier Bank has now started offering Dual Currency Credit Card services. Besides, some other banks have some expensive or annoying travel cards or international debit card where you can get dual currency benefits. That is, dual currency prepaid cards are your best solution if you are looking for an alternative. Such as the Brac Bank Travel Card, or the EBL Acura Card

If you are Compelled to use another credit card:
In this case, you can receive any of the first five services from the dual currency prepaid card Bangladesh in my list above. Since you don't have a dual currency card, you are missing out on many benefits. So why not?

In Conclusion

However, due to the lack of PayPal, EBL Aqua Card and other dual currency prepaid card Bangladesh are playing a beneficial role in making international payments online. That is, such USD payment in Bangladesh has also unveiled a new horizon for many outsourcers and overseas travelers. The biggest thing is, such simple benefits are not available in much dual currency credit card Bangladesh. Anyway, if you want to know something special, you can write in the comment box.
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