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Founder of (Personal Blog)

An enthusiast of Arts, Design, and Innovation who loves to venture around the realm of Freelancing, casual Blogging, and Advanced Digital Marketing. TM SHIBLI NOMANI has done Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Product and fashion Merchandising following Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Fashion Design and Technology.

He has been active for several years in the freelancing market creating numerous graphics, Front-End and WordPress CMS based web developing, and video presentation making for different clients as well as for himself and it started at the beginning of his student life at the university. Literally, global publishing and designing are one of his passion.

Apart from freelancing, he was engaged in a few local associations, i.e., Sadakalo Fashion House, Dimension3 Architecture and Interior, G9Vision IT. His endeavors are much acclaimed among all. He also owns a few businesses and enterprises.

He aspires from the creations of modern designers, passionate about everything he constructs, thoughtful about the outlook & finishing focused on the market requirements, and an idealist for the ultimate knowledge.


Fresh and Innovative Design, Standardized Design Process on Print and Digital Media, Color Story Creation, and overall Brand Development Strategy.
4/ 5 stars - "TM SHIBLI NOMANI" TM SHIBLI NOMANI Founder of (Personal Blog) An enthusiast of Arts, Design, and Innovation who loves to ven...

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