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05 February 2018

Standard Image Size For Blog Post, Logo and Others

Please take care of this section before starting your digital marketing journey. For example, to unveil your brand in social media or to determine the size of an image of the blog post that you need to know. It is more important to know the size of the standard image so that you don't make the website heavy by using large images.

Also, if all kinds of images are ready during your work, you'll not have to worry about the quality and size of the image at work time. During this kind of digital marketing, your calculative work will be able to make your work comfortable as well as quick success.
Generally, the graphics required for your business are as follows:
Logo Designs, Website Designs, Animated Logos, Email Newsletter Design, 3D Graphics, Flyer Designs, Brochure Designs, Business Card Designs, Banner Designs, Label Designs, Letter Head Designs, Catalogue Designs, Book Cover Designs, Stationery Design, Advertising Designs, Layout, and Formatting, Full Vehicle Wraps.

So let's look at some standard image sizes in the initial stages

Blog Post Image Standard Size

You can use any size image for the blog post. However, if you use a larger image, your blog or website will become heavy, which will be harmful to your blog or website for Google search ranking. So the standard image size (1,200 x 630 pixels) for any post on your blog or website is the best. Using this size will show your image correctly when sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social sites.

Although (1,200 x 630 pixels) this image size is too big, so be sure to optimize the image of your blog.

Standard Size For Website Design

Favicon Size ( 50x50 pixels)
Full-website Background Image Size (1250×800 pixels)
Standard Phone Background Size (480x640 or 320x480 pixels )
Standard Tablet Background Size (1280×800 pixels )

Standard Image Size For Logo

Usually, Stay using 600 X 600 pixels
For smaller one 100 X 100 pixels
In Photoshop set it to a size that is fairly large (say 2000x1500 pixels)

Youtube Video Full HD Image Size: 1920 X 1080 pixels.
YouTube Channel Banner: (2560 x 1440 pixels)
YouTube Profile Photo / Google+ (200x200 pixels)

Standard Size For All Social Media

Facebook icon (180x180 pixels)
Facebook cover photo (850x315 pixels)
Twitter icon (400x400 pixels)
Twitter header image (1500x500 pixels)
Google+ cover photo (1080x608 pixels)
Icon Size: 50x50 (common forum/profile sized icon)

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Standard Size For Business Card

The standard dimensions of a printed business card: (3.5 x 2 inches)
The Standard Brochure Designs Size: tri-fold brochures ( 8.5" x 11" inches) other popular sizes are (8.5" x 14"), (11" x 17") and (11" x 25.5") inches.

Standard Size For Email News Latter

I usually use 600x 620 pixels. However, if you want you can do even more height in some special situations. But if you don't get higher height then good.

So far, all of that. We'll definitely try to mention any change in the future. Likewise, in reference to other standard image sizes, however, it isn't necessary to know more than any other image sizes except the standard image sizes mentioned above. Thank you.
Standard Image Size For Blog Post, Logo and Others
4/ 5 stars - "Standard Image Size For Blog Post, Logo and Others" Please take care of this section before starting your digital marketing journey. For example, to unveil your brand in social media or to ...

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