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To work on our computer, we must understand how important it is to back up our files. But the real question is how much storage we can use online for free. The same thing is also needed that how large files we can send to someone else. Because the free email provider or free online storage provider has many restrict us on attachment file size. This is also a question if we hope to have big free storage online for our website backups. So I intended to write this post.

Importance of Online Big File Sharing and Backup Service

1. Of course, our websites need an automatic backup space with confidence.
2. To backup or share any files, like our image, text, PSD, AI, video.
3. To keep a backup of essential folders of our hard drive with synchronization option.

For this, here I will mention, how can we get the free opportunity to back up a big file or for Sharing.

Best Free Online Storage Services

There are only some services in the free storage services online, where we can share our important files. Considering the credibility and security aspects, I mentioned the names of some free online storage providers in sequence.

At first, I believe in Google Drive, – 15GB free storage, 100GB ($2/m), 1TB ($10/m).
then alternately use other services, such as:
iCloud - 5 GB free storage, 50GB: $0.99 per month,  200GB: $3.99 per month, 1TB: $9.99 per month
Dropbox - 2GB free storage, 50GB ($9.99/m or $99/y), 100GB ($19.99/m or $199/y), 1TB+ ($795/y)
Box - 5GB free storage, 25GB (9.99$/m), 50GB ($19.99/m), 1000 GB 9$15/user/month.

Each service mentioned above provides free services as well as paid service, where paid services are well developed with some of the more essential features. If you wish, you can accept it. 

After Then: OneDrive,  OneHub4SharedMediafire,

For Free Online Big File Sharing

Many times it may be that we want to share a great movie's video file with someone else, At that time w can accept these services below. However, the security of your data will depend on your own, for various reasons. However, if you really want to share or large backup files, then you can use the following services without the services above.

Finding The Best Among Free:
DropBox - It gives 2GB free storage. But, we can get more storage by referring others to download DropBox. In this way, you can upload up to 10GB per file, or you have to buy, Even better than buying Dropbox or Google G-Suite.

After Then:  Degoo (Space Provide: 100GB), (50GB Free), UsersCloud, (Free 250MB)

Send Big File Without Registration

We know that all free email providers determine the restriction of a specific attachment size for sending large files. However, to solve this problem, we can upload our files easily to the other online storage services sites mentioned above and easily get the link for mail. Also, if we want to send too large files without registration hazard, then you can use the mentioned sites below.

File DropperMax file size: 5Gb | Registration: No | Premium account: Yes | Password Protection: No 
StreamFile 300Mb file-size limit / day
SenduitMax file size: 100MB | Registration: No | Premium account: No | Password Protection: No 
ADrivePremium 100GB - $2.50/month ( Trial is Free )

Send File Through Free Email Provider

Let's look at how large attachment files can we send through the free mail address service provider.

Gmail: 25MB limit attachment to send. But, by using Google Driveyou can also send files larger than 25MB. If you want to do then upload your file on Google Drive and get the file public download link.
Yahoo Mailalso allows us to send 25MB attachment files.
Outlook.comSimilarly, we can attach a 20MB file per mail by default.

Lastly, I would like to inform you that you will never store more critical files online. For example, passwords, PINs, credit card numbers, such as a file you own. If you want to backup other data, you can back up to join freely.
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